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Roof Installation — Roofing Repair in Kincumber, NSW
With more than 20 years industry experience, Chris Wicks of CJ Wicks Pty Ltd brings cost-effective roofing solutions to the Central Coast and up to the North Shore of Sydney.

Specialising in roof repairs and restorations, Chris is committed to providing quality workmanship and good old-fashioned customer service to each and every job.

It's no mistake that a lot of our projects come to us through referrals or word of mouth. When honesty and dependability is part of your business philosophy it ensures client confidence in your services and at CJ Wicks we believe this contributes to our ongoing success.

No matter how big or small, we treat every single job with the same professionalism and respect.
Our extensive menu of roofing services is available across the domestic and commercial sectors and comes with the guarantee of quality in both workmanship and customer service.

For further information we invite you to contact our Kincumber office and speak to our friendly staff.